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About Us

HVAC repair and maintenance is a crucial aspect for your home, as it ensures that your air conditioner is in full working condition, without any malfunctioning. As we move on from the colder months towards summer, the rise in temperature prompts more calls for an AC. That’s why it’s a must that you ask a professional company for AC maintenance so that the summer heat cannot bug you anymore. The AC HVAC system experts will make sure that your machine is in safe hands, and they will cure all the issues that the air conditioning system might be facing.

Our Commitment

JKE Heating has been a fixture in the Boyne City area for more than a decade. Customers continue to choose us because we consistently demonstrate exceptional service.

Our Staff

Integrity is the display of evidence that comes from consistently honoring our values. Our passion is to bring quality with us as we exist for all our customers’ needs.

Our Mission

In order to compete in an industry where big companies have lost their reliability and trustworthiness as they have grown across the country, JKE Hating wants to bring back a higher level of Heatin and Cooling service that customers in Boyne City can depend on again.

Our Vision

We don’t want to rush through each job to show how efficient we are, though efficiency is important. Instead, we want to use the time we have with each customer to make such a good impression that they will not only use us again, but also tell their friends and family about us.

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